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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

A percentage of all sales go to Social Advocates for Youth in Santa Rosa CA and Youth Uprising in East Oakland CA

All of our dolls come with a sturdy painted metal display stand and are shipped in a doll box. We ship to the US, Canada and Internationally. 

USPS Standard Post (7 Days) — $10.00
USPS Priority Mail (2 Day) — $12.00                       USPS Priority Mail Express (2 Day) — $42.00
USPS First Class International – $15.00

Note:  the dolls are meant to wear the outfits I've designed for them.  Some clothing is removable and some is not meant to be changed.  I'm not going to tell you NOT to play with them, but realize they are art pieces with vintage fabric and delicate ornamentation.  Please play gently. Taking their shoes off is fine, however.   All studs by my homies at Studs and Spikes dot com.

Returns & Exchanges

There are no returns, so please choose carefully.  If you have an issue with your doll please contact us and we will do our best to resolve it.  It can't be something lame though.  It has to be a real problem.

Punk Rock Dolls
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